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Mary Rodgers Original "Fuzzy's Lullaby"

 Performed at the Album Release of "ToThe Ghost of Mary Rodgers..." at Little Harpeth Brewery in Nashville, TN. (Fingini by Erin Garber-Pearson)

Mary Rodgers Original "Hey Weirdo!"

This Dead Man's Carnival commercial features a Mary Rodgers original tune.

Playing with Hillbilly Casino

Jumped in with the band to play "13 Women" at the Route 20 Outhouse in Kenosha

Mary Rodgers Original "Dreamdom"

Tight Rope Performance by Erin Garber-Pearson at Little Harpeth Brewery in Nashville, TN.

Uptown Savages at Kochanski's

Live show "Air Raid" by the Uptown Savages into "The Wobble" by Jimmy McCracklin


Dead Man's Carnival

A fun performance at the Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, WI


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