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B i o g r a p h y

Mary Rodgers is a Nashville based performer, composer, arranger, and private lesson instructor. Hailing originally from Milwaukee, WI, she earned her BA of Music on saxophone from UW-Milwaukee. She went on to continue her musical career and education with both Curt Hanrahan (Saxophone instructor) and Greg Drust (Record Archivist/Radio DJ).


In 2013 Mary won the Wisconsin Area Music Industry Award (WAMI) for "Reed/Brass Player of the Year." During this time she was a multi-instrumentalist (Saxophone, Flute, Accordion, Piano, Vocal) for the Milwaukee based circus/variety show "The Dead Man's Carnival". She played Baritone Sax with the 40's RnB style group "The Uptown Savages" with which she released the 2014 release "Rock & Roll With You". 


Mary is featured on a growing number of albums including the Invaders "Where ya gone?", Midwest Death Rattle's self titled album and their sophomore album "Post Apocalypso", Into Arcadia - "Escaper", Hillbilly Casino - "Live in the USA", Will Payne Harrison's single "Jacqueline", and various singles and compilation albums world wide. 

Mary moved to Nashville, TN in 2015. You may see Mary as a freelance instrumentalist sitting in with groups such as The Art Adams Band, Woody Pines, The Cowpokes, The Bullhorn Boys, Nina Massara, The Highjivers, Paul Burch, The Zimmerman Twins, Catfish Seminar, The Willies, Dale Watson, Celine Lee, Bailey Dee, A Man Called Stu, Lydia Brittan, Samuel Herb, Chip Greene, The Jive Aces, The Go Getters, Jane Rose and the Dead End Boys, The Tip, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Heath Haynes, The Starjays, JD McPherson, Ronnie Spector and many more. 

Mary has now released her own full-length album called "To The Ghost of Mary Rodgers...". The album is available on CD Baby, Itunes, Youtube, Spotify, Pandora Premium, Soundcloud, Deezer, and all major streaming platforms. She is currently booking her upcoming post-pandemic tour. Keep an eye out for new releases and merchandise!

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