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Artist Representation

Mary has been connecting artists with events and venues for many years. Whether you are planning an event or an artist looking for representation, contact Mary for booking!
Artists Include:

Mary Rodgers - is available for shows either as a solo artist or with a wide variety of different groups. As a multi-insturmentalist, she can accomodate many atmosphere's and music styles. 

The Wild Ones -A Utah based band that blends a mix of Surf, Garage Rock, and 60's style Rock 'N Roll into their own music. With a sponsorship from Gretsch Guitars, this family of three brothers brings an energized and gritty sound to the stage.

Ashleigh Caudill - Celebrated bassist, songwriter, singer and banjo player, Ashleigh Caudill, exemplifies one of the most exciting musical trends to be heard today. That is, traditional roots music with a new spin, a different take on the themes and sounds that have shaped American music past. 

Violet Delancey - “Delancey…is quite a bit more than an ex-academic applying her knowledge of mythology to crafting songs. She’s a true storyteller in the vein of Emmylou Harris or Bob Dylan…. It’s hard not to compare Delancey with Harris, both for her simple, smooth-as-honey vocals and her sincere depiction of the human experience.” -Wide Open Country

Faust N' The Family Bargain This father-son duo presents their own brand of refined heavy rocking,’ smooth kicking’ blues. They have a unique style and stage presence that has electrified venues of all sizes and crowds of all ages.

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