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Uptown Savages

Mary has been playing with the Milwaukee band, the Uptown Savages, for over 5 years. Although she has relocated to Nashville, can still catch a few performances in Milwaukee.

Uptown Savages latest release "Rock & Roll with you" CD

Purchase a copy of  the Uptown Savages newly released album: "Rock & Roll with You"

The Invaders
Where Ya Gone?
Hillbilly Casino
Live in the USA

Purchase the 2009 release from The Invaders. This album includes Mary playing alto and baritone saxophone.

Recent release of a Live Hillbilly Casino show including Mary playing baritone saxophone on Tracks 5 & 6

Midwest Death Rattle's Self Titled album features Mary on "Melt it Down"


Midwest Death Rattle's 2nd album features Mary on Post-Apocalypso & Diastema, the King of Molehill Mountain. 


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